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Where is the Best Customized Mattress in India?

Nowadays, everyone wants to buy a premium and luxury matters at an affordable price. Therefore, the best customized mattress should fulfil all the quality checks, and it should be from a dependable brand.

Sleeplabs is a good company that is providing its customers with a remarkable Orthopedic customizable memory foam mattress in India.

What is a customizable mattress?

A customizable mattress is designed according to your choice. If you want too much soft mattress or a bit harder, it can be designed accordingly. A customizable mattress fulfils all the requirements of the customer’s mattress.

Customized Mattress in India

Why should you choose a customizable mattress?

Customizable mattresses are designed for all kind of sleepers, but they are the best fit for those who want a special design. For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, you need to have a firm mattress so your stomach doesn't sink in it, and if you are a side sleeper, you need to have a soft mattress to relax your pressure point.

A customizable mattress can be edited according to your needs, even years later. So you don't need to change the mattress every single day.

You can design the customizable mattress according to your needs, and they will use the RAW material of your choice only. Customized mattress can be made in any size.


Customizable mattresses are quite expensive compared to a standard mattress. They are expensive due to their ability to change according to their needs. The price of a custom mattress varies according to the need of the customer. In addition, the material is different for each type of mattress, so the cost changes accordingly.

A customizable mattress is a worthy investment, and it makes sure that you are sleeping on the mattress designed according to your needs.

Best Customized Mattress Retailer in India

Many companies are designing mattresses all across India, but one of the best mattresses is provided by sleeplabs. Sleeplabs provides you memory foam mattress that is very good in quality and has a long-lasting life.

The memory foam mattress is made to support your backbone and give your body a healthy posture. Sleeplabs works on high-density foams to prevent sagging in the long term. This foam adapts to the shape of your body, providing support and comfort throughout the body.

Sleeplabs has a very satisfying customer care policy, and the mattress has 200 nights trial period with 15 years of warranty and a first one-year guarantee if the sagging is more than 15 per cent.


A customizable mattress will prove to be a good choice for you if you don't wish to change mattresses every couple of years according to your needs.

Sleeplabs is a trusted brand, and you should buy a mattress from it due to its customer support and the quality of the mattress. Before ordering a customized mattress, make sure to tell all your demands clearly to the retailer to avoid any inconvenience.

The customized mattress can be edited according to your needs if you want any changes, but it is recommended to make it once according to your requirements.

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