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memory foam mattress | orthopedic mattress
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orthopedic mattress - Sleeplabs
memory foam mattress | orthopedic mattress

SleepLabs orthopedic mattress (3 layered memory foam mattress)

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SleepLabs 3 layered memory foam mattress / orthopedic mattress
  • Is the perfect solution for your troubled back
  • Will support your back while letting you enjoy your deep sleep
  • Will align your back in a straight line, thus enabling better air circulation in your body
  • Adapts to the shape of your body providing equal support and comfort throughout
Product Specifications
Colour: Black Gray and Gray black
Cover: Velvet
Mattress Firmness:  Medium
  • Memory Foam
  • Rebonded Foam
  • High Resilience Foam 
Single, Double, Queen, King and Customizable

Weight: 16-18kg ( Depending on the Size)

What Makes it Different?:
We work on high-density foams to prevent sagging in the long term. The 3 layered memory foam mattress / orthopedic mattress has Memory foam (50 Density) as the top layer, High Resilience Foam (110 Density) as the middle layer and Rebonded Foam (80 Density) as the bottom layer.

Trial and Refund:
The memory foam mattress / orthopedic mattress comes with a 200 nights trial with no questions asked and 100% refund if you don't like it.

SleepLabs offer a 15 years warranty, the best in the industry. (Replace within 1 year in case of mattress sagging more than 15% and 14 years repair in case of mattress sagging more than 15%)

Delhi NCR- 2-3 Days and 100% Free
Pan India- 3-7 days and 100% Free

Custom Requirements:
We have an in-house manufacturing unit and cater to all customer requirements and dimensions. Please email us your custom requirements at care@thesleeplabs.com


Orthopedic mattress means a mattress specifically designed to support your back, spine and provide optimum postural support. It is made to deliver the right amount of support to relieve and prevent any issues related to the back.

If you are someone who is experiencing regular sleep discomfort that leads to waking up with a lower back pain or soreness every morning, you should definitely switch to an ortho mattress. Secondly, if you are diagnosed with spinal alignment issues or back/neck problems, it is best to start sleeping on an orthopedic mattress.

There are different kinds of orthopedic mattresses available in the market right now. Unfortunately all mattresses for back pain that claim to be orthopedic are not genuinely orthopedic. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind while looking to buy a genuine orthopedic mattress online or in a store:

1. It provides differentiated zonal support to your body so that your body weight is distributed optimally.

2. It is scientifically engineered to contour to the shape of your back and cradle your whole body.

3. It lends medium-firm to firm support, depending on your requirement.

4. It is breathable.

5. It is tested and recommended by credible health experts.

Sleep lab’s orthopedic mattress is one of India’s number one doctor recommended orthopedic mattress ranges. It is tested and recommended by some renowned orthopedists and has an orthopedic mattress suitable for every need and budget to keep your neck and back in the best shape.

Some people like their mattresses to be firm and some like to simply sink into their soft mattresses which is something rubber foam made of latex cannot provide. In order to create the perfect mattress for all, we perfected a unique 3 layer memory foam construction that provides the ultimate combination of support and cosiness. Not too firm, not soft!

No. You will have to purchase it separately.

Yes, of course. You can clean the fabric zipper cover. All you have to do is gently remove the outer fabric cover and follow the wash care instructions for cleaning

Did you know that a mattress that you buy at a retail store costs up to 60% more than the actual cost of the mattress? And don’t forget the delivery cost! Our mattresses are shipped from our factory to you directly, thereby avoiding all retail and middlemen costs in between. So why pay more when you can save?

The mattress is vacuum pressed and packed in a roll pack box. If the size of the mattress is greater than a single bed, then it will be shipped in open, flat format, but with protective covering to prevent damage during transit.

Sleep labs mattress is a 6 inch mattress made from a combination of 3 different types of high quality foams. It uses a high density foam as its support foam, responsive memory foam as the middle layer that moulds perfectly to your body, relieves pressure and further enhances the right sleeping posture and a layer of comfort foam on top to keep the mattress fresh and bouncy which makes it the perfect surface to sleep on.

SleepLabs presently have 3 layer memory foam mattress in which the 3 layers include, high density foam, Rebonded foam and the memory foam.

Orthopedic mattress benefits include relief from the neck, back pain and other body aches that arises from sleeping on a bad and improper mattress. This mattress is also a good fit for anyone who wants a comfortable sleep and doesn’t want to have any sleeping problems in the future.

SleepLabs have the following sizes available: orthopedic mattress king size, orthopedic mattress queen size, orthopedic mattress double bed, orthopedic mattress single bed, double memory foam mattress ( on Custom request) and other custom sizes.

Orthopedic mattresses are designed to support your orthopaedic needs like to support your back, provide proper lumbar support to your spine and give you a comfortable sleep. Dual comfort mattress is simply a mattress that has combined features of two mattress, like orthopedic and memory foam mattress.

We are confident of our products and issue you a 100% refund with no questions asked within 200 days of your product being purchased.

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