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5 Ways to Work From Home More Efficiently

Working from home can be a challenge for the best of us. There are tons of distractions, less accountability and communication as compared to if you were in office. But, given the rise in COVID-19 cases in India, working from home has now become the new normal which if done correctly, can result in more productivity, better efficiency and an improved work – life balance.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Daily communication - Especially in the morning

One of the biggest challenges employees face while working from home is a feeling of isolation. Daily communication or a video call helps in boosting moral and makes employees feel like a part of  the team that serves as a reminder to fulfill their responsibilities diligently.

Clear guidelines on breaks

I’m sure no one will ask you to not take breaks in between your working hours. Infact, it is considered to be healthy to take a walk around your house, or switch off from work for half an hour or an hour for that lunch break with your family. But, keep in mind to always inform your team that you are on a break, or update your status on the platform that you are using to communicate with your team to ‘Be Right Back’ or ‘On a break.’ This will improve communication between you and your team and your manager would be informed about your whereabouts.

Getting enough sleep

An aspect that is overlooked is that in order to work efficiently from home, it is important to be alert and attentive. Irrespective of how motivated you are, getting a good night’s sleep is essential in order to be productive throughout the day. The Sleep Labs mattresses and pillows are the perfect solutions for all things sleep related and are sure to improve your efficiency at work.

Work when you are most productive

An effective work-around to maintain a high standard of productivity is to work when you can maximise your output and schedule your day accordingly to complete the hardest tasks of the day first and move on to easier tasks when motivation drops.

Choose a dedicated work space

Instead of slouching on the sofa or lying down on the bed, set up a designated work space to mimic an office setup as closely as possible. By doing so, you will be better organised and structured to produce quality work.

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