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How Sturdy is Memory Foam?

When it comes to sleep now, there’s just one buzzword. Memory foam. In 1966, NASA developed a technology to help airplane seats absorb shock better. The tech led to the innovation of a material made up of small chambers infused with millions of gel beads. Slow spring back foam, as it was first called, was also used in helmets, hospital beds, prosthetics and even shoes. Renamed memory foam, it’s become the material of choice for mattresses.

Why is memory foam good for you?

So many reasons. Firstly, an orthopedic memory foam mattress is very supportive, spreading the sleeper’s weight and pressure over its area, thus offering relief at pressure points. The foam moulds itself to every person’s shape, thus helping personalization of the mattress for the sleeper. Memory foam also helps with temperature regulation and doesn’t ripple if you move during the night. Sort of made for sleep, we’d say.

What’s the life of a memory foam mattress?

The best mattress lasts longer than spring or coir – approximately eight to ten years. However, every mattress’s life depends on its use, it’s original quality, and how it’s cared for. An overused mattress may offer decreased comfort as well as affect spinal alignment

How will you know your mattress’s time's up

If you wake up tired or achy or if you’re waking up with pains you didn’t have before you slept, it may be time to replace your mattress. If you enjoy better sleep or comfort when you sleep anywhere else than your bed, it’s time to say bye-bye. If your memory foam mattress starts to show permanent sags or indentations or doesn’t spring back like it did before, it is definitely time to start shopping for a replacement

How to make your mattress last longer

Well, the easiest way is to choose a mattress protector that will save your foam from stains, spills, and humidity as well. Picking one that’s made of natural materials like bamboo helps you stay cool as well as absorb sweat when you’re sleeping. The other easy tip is to choose a mattress with a 15 year warranty, so you can sleep easy for more than a decade

But buying memory foam is a big decision!

We know. That’s why we offer a 200 nights trial – so you can get used to your memory foam, with time. And in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we offer full refunds with free returns.

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