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Top Ways To Practice Sleep Hygiene

When you hit the bed after a long and tiring day, do you struggle to fall asleep? Are you tossing and turning in the middle of the night without a way out? Very often, getting deeper sleep is simply a matter of adjusting our habits. Our bodies are meant to unwind when the time to hit the sack draws closer and by replacing activities and habits that can disrupt your sleep with science-backed healthy sleep practices, you can improve your sleep quality from a restless night to a restful one.

Here are 5 sleep hygiene practices that will create the ideal conditions for the purr-fect sleep.

Set a consistent sleep schedule

The hardest task for many, having a consistent sleep schedule week in and out, including weekends helps your body acclimatize to an internal clock that expects sleep at a particular time everyday and heightens your ‘sleep drive’ to improve the quality of your sleep.

Create a relaxing bedtime/pre-bedtime routine

Find a routine that suits you best before your nighttime slumber, a warm bath, reading a book, listening to a sleep audio story or meditating will help bridge the transition between wakefulness and sleep.

Keep your room cool & comfortable

Getting quality sleep requires a cool, dark and comfortable environment with an ideal temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Your body should feel settled down and relaxed on a comfortable mattress and pillows.

Unplug before bed

Screens and sleep are incompatible. Reducing your exposure to blue light by limiting your screen time an hour before bed is essential for sound sleep. Consider an old fashioned alarm clock instead of your phone so that it remains out of reach while you sleep.

Get regular exercise

Making a habit of getting an early workout can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Even though the effects of exercise on sleep may not be immediate, an exercise routine will ensure your body requires rest which will help you fall asleep faster.

Practicing sleep hygiene has numerous benefits (especially when it’s combined with the best mattress brand in India: SleepLabs for that unparalleled sleep quality) such as sharper memory, improved mood, increased energy levels and a stronger immune system among many others. In our connected and digitized world, prioritizing sleep has taken a backseat and sleep hygiene is an effective way to promote healthy sleeping habits into our lives.

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