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SleepLabs memory foam pillow- Contour

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Colour: White

Material: Memory Foam

Shape: Contour

Weight: 0.55 kg

Dimensions: 60.96*40.64*5 cm

Package Contents: 1 Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow, 1 Extra Fabric Cover, Warranty Card

Features of Memory Foam Contour Pillow - SleepLabs

  • Breathable Mesh
  • Soft Fabric
  • Best Quality Memory Foam

Memory foam Contour pillow / Orthopedic Contour pillow benefits are plenty!

  • If you’re someone who is suffering from neck pains, backaches, or spondylitis issues and tired of the traditional cotton-filled and microfiber pillows, SleepLabs Ergonomic Memory Foam contour pillow or orthopedic pillow is the best pillow for sleeping.
  • This high-density, zero pressure relief, and cervical ergonomic memory foam contour pillow / orthopedic pillow is neither too thick nor thin, and are the ideal sleeping pillows for maximum comfort with a soft feel. These memory foam contour pillows / orthopedic pillow come in multiple sizes, and heights and one can choose the pillow as per his/her comfort.
  • Our Ergonomic memory foam contour pillow cradles the contours created by your posture and body alignment, and cuts down any sort of tension created in your body. It will support your neck and back, no matter what position you sleep in.


Sleeplabs Ergonomic memory foam pillow is specifically made for people with neck pain issues, back pain or spondylitis. It has a distinct curve with two higher ends and a dip in between. This design contours the natural body shape of the sleeper, thus providing maximum support and comfort.

Contour pillow shall be used by anyone who wants a comfortable sleep at night. It’s shape is uniquely designed to provide extra comfort while sleeping and not causing any strain on your neck. Hence, it shall be especially used by people who are suffering from neck pain, spends a major part of their day working in front of screens.

SleepLabs Memory foam pillows are made with memory foam of density 60.

Here are the benefits of using the contouor memory foam pillow are Promotes healthy spine alignment, Hypoallergenic, Luxurious comfort, Retains its shape, Can reduce snoring, Reduces pressure on joints, Orthopeadic and Temperature sensitive.

No, the memory foam has normal temperature and doesn’t get hot on sleeping. The mesh foam even provides a better air flow.

It is always good to use covers for the pillows. It keeps the pillows same from getting dirty, any other damage. But it can be used without the cover as well.

To remove stains or marks and keep your pillow looking and smelling fresh, remove the pillow cover and sprinkle with baking soda. Leave for an hour before vacuuming with the small attachment for upholstery on your vacuum cleaner.

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