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Memory Foam Mattress Causing Back Pain

One of the essential elements to maintaining a healthy life is to have comfortable and relaxed night sleeps, and it all depends on your memory foam mattress.

Everyone wants to have an untroubled night for better health. But if the mattress is not satisfying, then you might suffer from back pain and other problems.

Can a Memory Foam Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Back pain is not always due to old age; some other factors also play their role in causing back pain. A memory foam mattress is a great choice but, not always. Sometimes it can be a worse nightmare as not all types of mattresses support your body alignment.

The Mattress is Either Too Soft or Too Firm

The firmness or softness of a mattress depends upon its ILD value. If the ILD value increased excessively, your mattress is a lot firm. And, if it's decreased, then it will become soft.

Too much firm mattress will not let your body sink resulting in back and neck pain and, the excessive softness will cause your body to sink too much, leading towards discomfort and then back pain.

Cure or Remedy:

If you want to enjoy your sleep time, then purchase a mattress with a valid ILD value. So it may not cause any difficulties for you.

The Base Is Not Compatible

You may have bought a new mattress but are using it on the older base. The base may not perform well because it has gotten older or the slats' gaps are more than 3 to 4 inches.

Due to the extensive gaps, the mattress sinks, and then it won't provide you with full support. These gaps can also tear the bedding.

Cure or Remedy:

Check the quality of your base and the distance between the slaps. If it is more than 4 inches, then you must replace it. Read the consumer guide of the mattress and buy the bass according to its compatibility.

Sleeping Position isn't Accurate.

If you sleep on your stomach, then you might experience the worst back and neck pain. According to the doctors, proper sleeping posture is significant for a night of healthy sleep, and sleep on the stomach/front causes a lot of strain on the back spine and neck.

People who weigh more than 230lbs are at a high risk of back pain while sleeping on the memory foam mattress as more weight compounds the sinkage issue.

Cure or Remedy:

Change the sleeping positions, attempt to sleep on your sides. The best posture is to sleep straight but, people are uncomfortable sleeping straight the whole night. If you are having difficulty changing your sleep style, then you should consider changing your mattress.

Alternatively, choose a spring mattress as it has coils attached and, they will help prevent sinkage.

Final Words

A memory foam mattress is a reliable choice yet, not for everyone. Some people might not be comfortable with it, and therefore many more options are available in the market.

Keep your posture straight or on your sides to prevent back and neck pain.

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